What are the characteristics of the common materials used for countertops in bathrooms and kitchens?
CERAMIC TILE: Most ceramic tiles provide a very durable surface. Tile surfaces do not require sealing. GRANITE: Granite provides a very durable seamless surface that once sealed will not stain or discolor. Natural granite is available with beautiful characteristics, like embedded crystals and a random pattern of movement. SYNTHETIC GRANITE: Synthetic granite is a mixture of granite and resin. It has a very consistent pattern and is as durable as natural granite. It does not require sealing. CORIAN: Corian is a man made marble and has a very consistent pattern It is softer than granite and tile but doe not require professional maintenance. It can be honed (scratches buffed out) with common household cleaners. SOFTER STONE: Travertine, limestone, and marble are soft and require regular professional maintenance. I do not recommend them for countertops unless you are prepared to have them professionally treated annually. PLASTIC LAMINATE: Plastic laminate sometimes referred to as Formica® is a moderately priced countertop material that is not used very much any more for kitchen or bathroom countertops.

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