What are some desireable characteristics of kitchen and lavatory sinks?
KITCHEN SINKS: An under counter sink installation is preferable for a kitchen sink. 1) Because in the kitchen it is necessary to wipe crumbs off the counter and into the sink, a drop in self rimming sink is not a good choice. An under counter installation is much more practical. 2) An under counter sink, if the sink gets damaged, is very difficult to remove without damaging/destroying the countertop. Therefore, a quality 18 gauge stainless steel sink is a good choice. Unlike porcelain sinks, it will never chip and is very hard to damage. LAVATORY SINKS: Self rimming vitreous china sinks are a good choice for a bathroom. 1) Under counter installations tend to develop an unsightly and impossible to remove black mold at the sink to counter join. As the join is above the water line in a self rimming sink, that does not occur. 2) Replacing a damaged, self rimming, drop in sink is usually possible without counter damage. 3) Sinks that show a rim are usually more attractive than under counter sinks. 4) Avoid porcelain clad steel and cast iron sinks as they tend to rust.

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